ASICS Tiger Knit

We Are All Woven From The Same Thread


The Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit 2017 campaign

As an ever-changing world continues to present new challenges, urban influences and a desire to be part of a common collective culture are shaping the ideology of the millennial generation. They are a growing tribe and what they wear unites themselves with each other and acts as an extension of their personality and potential to inspire others to be part of something bigger.

This cross-cultural coming-together is the foundation for the new integrated global campaign to launch the Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit collection. 

At The Adventures Of, a Berlin-based independent creative agency, we created the campaign for the 2017 release based around a simple message: We are all woven from the same thread.

Client: ASICS Tiger
Credits campaign: ECD: Leila El-Kayem
CD: Aryanti Ingenillem
AD: Etienne Vles
Credits production: Production company: EASY Does It
Director: Che Abdallah
Photographer: Robert Wunsch

Together We Rise

We spearheaded the campaign with a 90-second black and white film that highlighted “global unity, common humanity and the modern lifestyle and outlook of young urban generations”. The film features an eclectic cast of emerging cultural creators and influencers who while they all come from different places and are heading off in different directions, soon realize that together they are stronger.

Launch Event in Berlin

To celebrate the launch of the new GEL-Kayano Trainer Knit in Berlin we partnered with Neulant van Exel, a German firm that specializes in multimedia installations, to build out a set of footwear displays inside St. Agnes, a recently renovated church in the city’s Kreuzberg neighborhood.