Mister Twister Teaser

Better to have one good sausage, than two bad ones.


In a digital age where most creative output has been democratised, creating a sea of sameness, of copy and paste imagery and content, Mister Twister explores the unseen, the chaos and the everyday absurdity of the creative process: Observations on the absurdity of creativity.

The first issue explores the proverb: Better to have one good sausage, than two bad ones.To the creative economy, this means that it is unnecessary to create quantities and rather focus on the quality of the output. Just in case you didn’t think the world was absurd enough, the title of the zine is named after one of the most useless innovations the kitchen has ever seen: the electric knife.

Client: The Adventures Of
Credits: CD: Leila El Kayem
AD: Sarah Hegyesi
Motion&Design: Etienne Vles
Music: Perera Elsewhere