Youtube Festival

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The YouTube Festival premieres in Germany

In 2016, Google Germany tasked us to provide the branding for YouTube’s largest B2B event in the country. A successor to Google’s Brandcast event, the YouTube Festival is an exclusive showcase of the platform’s insights, its relevance to brand building and the amazing creators behind it.

Along with the team at B-Reel Berlin, we worked on the concept development, art direction, branding and on screen visuals for the entire festival. We worked hand in hand with the production company insGlück to produce an outstanding event.

Client: Google Germany
Credits: CD: Dino Erdmann, Lars Bjurman
AD: Etienne Vles, Henning Soppe
Motion: Michael Tan, Anton Bohlin

Made at B-Reel Berlin

The Challenge

The event took place in the Kraftwerk Berlin, a former power station located in Mitte. A piece of Berlin’s industrial history, it was built approximately at the same time as the Berlin Wall during the years 1960-1964 to power the former East German regions of Berlin. Our mandate was to bring a cheerful and festive feel to a vast and intimidating space.

The Solution

To bring the complete look and feel of a festival experience to the B2B event, we took on the creative brief by looking towards popular music and culture festivals for inspiration.

We came up with an approach that matched the traditional fanions and banners ubiquitous at most festival and the now iconic YouTube logo, or “Play Button”, to create a graphic system capable of being applied to the required visual content ranging from signage to motion design, stage design and traditional event branding.

Visual Guidelines

A simple isometric grid served as our pattern to produce a variety of “Play Button” inspired shapes and lettering. Paired with a vibrant colour palette inspired by Google’s products, the grid and the resulting triangles became our principal brand guideline.

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